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Tyrese Haliburton’s Confidence in Making Warriors’ Pick

According to an article on RealGM, Tyrese Haliburton, a talented basketball player, believes that if the Golden State Warriors had not been in the top 3 picks of the 2020 NBA Draft, they would have chosen him. Haliburton, who was ultimately picked by the Sacramento Kings, expressed his confidence in his abilities and stated that the Warriors’ interest in him was genuine.

In the article, it is mentioned that Haliburton had multiple interactions with the Warriors’ coaching staff and even had a pre-draft Zoom call with the team. This led him to believe that they were genuinely considering him as a potential pick, but the Warriors’ high draft position prevented them from selecting him.

Despite not being picked by the Warriors, Haliburton remains positive and motivated to make a significant impact with the Sacramento Kings. He views their decision to choose him as an opportunity to grow and showcase his skills.

Haliburton’s optimism is admirable, and his belief that he would have been selected by the Warriors outside of the top 3 picks shows his confidence in his abilities. The article highlights his determination to prove himself and make an impact in the NBA.

This situation emphasizes the unpredictability of the draft and the various factors that influence team decisions. While Haliburton may have envisioned himself joining the Warriors, the reality of the draft process can often result in unexpected outcomes.

Overall, Tyrese Haliburton’s belief that the Golden State Warriors would have picked him if they were outside the top 3 picks showcases his confidence and his positive mindset. His determination to succeed with the Sacramento Kings will undoubtedly drive him to work hard and prove himself in the NBA.