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Top MLB Players Expected to Sign Contract Extensions

Top MLB Players Expected to Sign Contract Extensions

Top MLB Players Expected to Sign Contract ExtensionsTitle: Top MLB Players Expected to Sign Contract Extensions


The Major League Baseball (MLB) off-season is often an exciting time for fans and players alike, as teams negotiate contract extensions with their star players. These extensions not only provide financial security for the players but also keep them tied to their respective teams for the foreseeable future. In this article, we will highlight some of the top candidates for MLB contract extensions based on recent performances and team needs.

1. Francisco Lindor – Shortstop

Francisco Lindor, the talented shortstop for the Cleveland Guardians, has been a centerpiece of the team’s success in recent years. Known for his exceptional defensive skills and consistent offensive performance, Lindor is undoubtedly one of the top candidates for a contract extension. The Guardians would be wise to lock him up long-term to secure their infield’s stability.

2. Carlos Correa – Shortstop

Another notable shortstop looking for a contract extension is Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros. With his standout defensive abilities and impressive hitting statistics, Correa has proven himself as an integral part of the Astros’ lineup. Given his young age and potential, the team should seriously consider extending his contract to ensure he remains a key asset.

3. Kris Bryant – Third Baseman/Outfielder

Kris Bryant, a versatile player for the Chicago Cubs, has been the subject of numerous trade rumors but could also be a strong candidate for a contract extension. As a former National League MVP, Bryant’s ability to play both third base and outfield makes him a valuable asset for any team. The Cubs may want to consider securing his services for the long run.

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4. Corey Seager – Shortstop

Corey Seager, a centerpiece of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ success, is another player deserving of a contract extension. As a two-time All-Star and World Series MVP, Seager has showcased his exceptional hitting skills and defensive prowess. The Dodgers should prioritize extending his contract to maintain their strong infield foundation.

5. Freddie Freeman – First Baseman

Freddie Freeman, the veteran first baseman for the Atlanta Braves, has consistently proven his worth with his powerful batting and solid defense. As a key leader and beloved player within the organization, the Braves would be wise to negotiate a contract extension that ensures Freeman remains a cornerstone of their lineup.


While contract extensions are not guaranteed, these players represent some of the top candidates who have the skills and contributions necessary to warrant long-term commitments. Whether it be their defensive abilities, hitting prowess, or overall impact on their respective teams, these players are likely to be in high demand among MLB franchises. The off-season will undoubtedly be filled with negotiation talks as teams strive to secure the futures of their star players.