Home News The Biggest Free Agent Decisions for NFL Quarterbacks in 2024

The Biggest Free Agent Decisions for NFL Quarterbacks in 2024

The Biggest Free Agent Decisions for NFL Quarterbacks in 2024

Title: The Biggest Looming Free Agent Decisions for Every NFL Team’s Quarterbacks in 2024

As the 2023 NFL season comes to a close, teams around the league are already strategizing and preparing for the upcoming free agency frenzy in 2024. Among the many coveted positions up for grabs, quarterbacks remain the most critical for a team’s success. Let’s take a look at the biggest looming free agent decisions for every NFL team’s quarterbacks in 2024.

AFC East:

1. Buffalo Bills:
– The Buffalo Bills’ biggest free agent decision revolves around their star quarterback, Josh Allen. With his contract set to expire after the 2023 season, the Bills will need to make a significant decision to secure their franchise player for the future.

2. Miami Dolphins:
– The Miami Dolphins face a crucial decision regarding Tua Tagovailoa. Having shown promise in his early NFL career, the team must evaluate his performance and determine whether he is the long-term solution at quarterback or if they should explore other options.

3. New England Patriots:
– The New England Patriots have relied on the veteran leadership of Cam Newton in recent seasons. However, with Newton’s contract expiring in 2023, the Patriots will need to decide if they continue with him or pursue a new quarterback to lead their team.

4. New York Jets:
– The New York Jets have struggled to find a stable solution at quarterback for years. With their current starter, Zach Wilson, set to become a free agent in 2024, the Jets must carefully assess his performance before committing to a long-term deal.

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AFC North:

1. Baltimore Ravens:
– Lamar Jackson, the dynamic quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, will be the center of attention when his contract expires in 2023. The Ravens must make the investment required to retain Jackson and build the team around his unique skill set.

2. Cincinnati Bengals:
– The Cincinnati Bengals have witnessed the emergence of Joe Burrow as their franchise quarterback. With his contract situation looming, the Bengals must prioritize securing Burrow’s long-term future and ensuring he has the necessary supporting cast to succeed.

3. Cleveland Browns:
– Baker Mayfield has shown promise as the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, but inconsistency lingers. The Browns will need to evaluate Mayfield’s performance closely, considering whether it’s worth extending his contract or exploring alternatives in free agency.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers:
– Ben Roethlisberger, the legendary quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is nearing the end of his career. As his contract expires in 2023, the Steelers face the challenge of finding a successor who can carry the franchise forward.

AFC South:

1. Houston Texans:
– The Houston Texans find themselves in a precarious situation with Deshaun Watson. Legal issues and uncertainty surround Watson, making the decision regarding his future with the team an immensely difficult one to make.

2. Indianapolis Colts:
– Carson Wentz, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, is now leading the Indianapolis Colts. The team must assess Wentz’s performance and determine if he is the long-term answer or if they should pursue other options in free agency.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars:
– The Jacksonville Jaguars invested heavily in Trevor Lawrence as the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. As his rookie contract approaches its end in 2024, the Jaguars must prioritize securing Lawrence’s services for the foreseeable future.

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4. Tennessee Titans:
– Ryan Tannehill has been a steady presence for the Tennessee Titans, leading them to success in recent seasons. However, with Tannehill’s contract set to expire in 2024, the team must decide whether to extend his deal or explore other possibilities at quarterback.

AFC West:

1. Denver Broncos:
– The Denver Broncos have struggled to find consistent production from their quarterbacks in recent years. With a variety of options available in free agency, the Broncos must make a well-informed decision to find their franchise QB and avoid further uncertainty.

2. Kansas City Chiefs:
– Patrick Mahomes, the superstar quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, remains the pillar of their success. The Chiefs will undoubtedly prioritize extending Mahomes’ contract to ensure he remains their leader for years to come.

3. Las Vegas Raiders:
– Derek Carr has been the Las Vegas Raiders’ quarterback for several seasons, delivering mixed results. The Raiders must carefully evaluate Carr’s performance and determine if he is the long-term solution or if they should explore other options in free agency.

4. Los Angeles Chargers:
– Justin Herbert has shown immense potential for the Los Angeles Chargers since entering the league. As his contract nears its expiration in 2024, the Chargers must prioritize securing Herbert’s services long-term and build around his exceptional talent.

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