Home News Struggles on Special Teams Threaten Minnesota Wild’s Playoff Push

Struggles on Special Teams Threaten Minnesota Wild’s Playoff Push

Struggles on Special Teams Threaten Minnesota Wild’s Playoff Push

Struggles on Special Teams Threaten Minnesota Wild’s Playoff PushThe Minnesota Wild’s special teams have been struggling during their final push for a postseason berth. With the playoffs within reach, their success on the power play and penalty kill has become crucial in securing a spot.

Power Play Woes
The Wild’s power play has been less than stellar lately, failing to convert their opportunities into goals. Their inability to capitalize on the man advantage has cost them valuable points in the standings. This season, they have struggled to maintain possession and create quality scoring chances, resulting in a low success rate on the power play.

The Penalty Kill Conundrum
The penalty kill has also been a major concern for the Wild. They have struggled to effectively kill off penalties, allowing opponents to score at an alarming rate. Their lack of discipline has cost them dearly, as they find themselves constantly shorthanded and unable to prevent opposing teams from capitalizing on their mistakes.

The Impact on the Playoff Push

These special teams struggles have had a significant impact on the Wild’s chances of making it to the playoffs. In crucial moments of the game, the inability to score on the power play or prevent goals while shorthanded has cost them valuable points. With the competition tight in their division, every point matters, and the Wild cannot afford any more slip-ups.

Addressing the Issues
To improve their special teams performance, the Wild must focus on their execution and strategy. They need to find ways to generate more scoring chances on the power play and establish better puck control. Additionally, discipline is key in improving their penalty kill. By staying out of the box and making smart defensive plays, they can limit their opponents’ scoring opportunities.

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The Importance of Special Teams
In the playoffs, special teams play often becomes even more crucial. Games are tighter, and every advantage counts. If the Wild hope to make a deep playoff run, they must solve their power play and penalty kill issues. The ability to score with the man advantage and prevent goals while shorthanded can be the difference between victory and defeat.


As the Minnesota Wild fight for a postseason spot, their special teams performance has let them down. Their struggles on the power play and penalty kill have cost them valuable points, putting their playoff chances at risk. In order to secure a spot in the playoffs and make a strong run, the Wild must address their issues and improve their execution on special teams. Only then can they hope to achieve success in the postseason. 🏒