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Regis Prograis on Why MMA Would Have Been his First Choice

Regis Prograis, a former professional boxer, recently revealed that he would have probably chosen MMA over boxing if the sport had been bigger when he was coming up. In an interview with MMAFighting, Prograis expressed his admiration for mixed martial arts and explained his decision.

Prograis, known for his successful boxing career, stated that he has a deep respect for MMA fighters and the challenges they face in the octagon. He acknowledged that his training in boxing has given him a strong foundation, but he believes that MMA offers a more diverse and well-rounded skill set.

The talented boxer mentioned that he finds the dynamics of MMA fascinating, particularly the ability to utilize various combat disciplines such as wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai. Prograis believes that the inclusion of these disciplines in MMA allows for a more complete approach to fighting, making it a more appealing sport for him.

While Prograis acknowledges the physical demands of MMA, he also highlighted the business aspect as a factor in his hypothetical decision. He noted that MMA has gained significant popularity and mainstream recognition over the years, attracting a larger audience and potentially offering more lucrative opportunities.

Prograis emphasized that his passion for boxing will always remain, and he is grateful for the experiences and accomplishments he has achieved in the sport. However, he couldn’t help but imagine a different path for himself had MMA been as prominent as it is today when he was starting his career.

In conclusion, Regis Prograis disclosed that if MMA had been as prominent as it is now during his formative years, he would have likely pursued a career in mixed martial arts over boxing. His admiration for the sport’s diversity and the potential business opportunities it offers played a significant role in his hypothetical decision. Nonetheless, Prograis remains dedicated to his boxing career while expressing his respect for the MMA community and their unique skill set.