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Promoting Respect and Positivity in the MMA Community

Laura Sanko on Strickland-Garry du Plessis Drama: How About We All Just Stop Being Such A-Holes?

In a recent interview, Laura Sanko, a well-known commentator in the world of mixed martial arts, shared her thoughts on the drama between fighters Sean Strickland and Garry du Plessis. Sanko expressed her frustration with the way the situation unfolded and called for a change in attitudes within the MMA community.

Sanko pointed out that the sport of MMA is all about respect and discipline, but the ongoing tensions between fighters often overshadow these values. She emphasized that it’s not just about Strickland and du Plessis, but about the overall atmosphere in the MMA world.

Addressing the drama directly, Sanko suggested that everyone involved should take a step back and assess their behavior. She urged fighters to focus on what truly matters – their craft and the sport itself – rather than engaging in unnecessary conflicts.

Sanko highlighted the importance of portraying a positive image to fans and newcomers. She emphasized that everyone involved in the MMA industry, from fighters to commentators to fans, should strive to be role models and ambassadors for the sport.

Speaking about the du Plessis-Strickland incident specifically, Sanko acknowledged that tensions can arise between fighters who are passionate about their careers. However, she emphasized the need for respect and professionalism, reminding everyone that trash-talking and personal attacks only serve to tarnish the sport’s reputation.

In conclusion, Sanko called for a change in attitudes within the MMA community. She urged fighters and fans alike to embrace respect, discipline, and a positive mindset. Instead of focusing on drama and conflicts, Sanko proposed that everyone should work together to create a supportive and inclusive environment for the growth and success of MMA.

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Let’s take Sanko’s words to heart and promote a culture of respect and positivity within the world of MMA. After all, as she rightly points out, “How about we all just stop being such a-holes?”