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Potential Solutions for Rangers’ Top-Six Void

Potential Solutions for Rangers’ Top-Six Void

Title: Potential Solutions for the Rangers’ Top-Six Void

The New York Rangers are facing a significant challenge in their top six forward positions this season. With key departures from the roster, the team needs to find suitable replacements. In this article, we explore three former Rangers who could potentially fill this void and contribute to the team’s success.

Former Rangers with Potential:
1. Derek Stepan:
– Stepan is a skilled center who previously played for the Rangers from 2010 to 2017.
– During his time with the team, Stepan displayed strong offensive skills and leadership qualities.
– He has since moved on to the Arizona Coyotes but could be a valuable asset if brought back to the Rangers.
– Stepan’s playmaking abilities and ability to generate scoring chances would greatly benefit the team’s top six.

2. Carl Hagelin:
– Hagelin, a left winger, was a part of the Rangers organization from 2011 to 2015.
– With his blazing speed and tenacious forechecking, Hagelin became a fan favorite during his time in New York.
– Currently playing for the Washington Capitals, Hagelin’s defensive prowess and ability to create offensive opportunities should not be overlooked.
– His experience and familiarity with the Rangers’ style of play could make him an ideal candidate for the top-six role.

3. J.T. Miller:
– Known for his versatility, Miller played for the Rangers from 2012 to 2018 before being traded to the Tampa Bay Lightning.
– Miller has shown consistent improvement throughout his career, becoming a reliable forward with a scoring touch.
– His ability to play both center and wing positions would provide the Rangers with valuable flexibility in their top six.
– Miller’s physicality and ability to contribute in all three zones make him a compelling option for the team.

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The New York Rangers have a void to fill in their top six, but they do have options with former players who possess the necessary skills and experience. Bringing back Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin, or considering J.T. Miller could help the team address this challenge effectively. By utilizing their proven abilities and familiarity with the Rangers’ system, these players could make valuable contributions and strengthen the team’s chances of success.