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NFL Week 14 Predictions and Army-Navy Game Analysis by Scott Van Pelt

In his latest article, Scott Van Pelt shares his picks for the NFL Week 14 games and the Army-Navy game in 2023. Let’s delve into his predictions and analysis.

Starting with the NFL Week 14 games, Van Pelt predicts a victory for the Buffalo Bills as they face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He believes that the Bills’ defense will be able to limit Tom Brady’s high-powered offense, resulting in a close win for Buffalo. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of the Bills’ rushing attack, led by running back Devin Singletary, in controlling the game tempo and keeping Brady off the field.

Moving on to another exciting matchup, Van Pelt chooses the Kansas City Chiefs to triumph over the Los Angeles Chargers. He highlights the Chiefs’ potent passing attack, led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes, as the key factor in this game. Van Pelt predicts a high-scoring affair with the Chiefs ultimately coming out on top due to their explosive offense.

Switching gears to the highly anticipated Army-Navy game in 2023, Van Pelt shares his pick for this historic rivalry. As a proud supporter of the armed forces, Van Pelt acknowledges the significance of this matchup and the passion it ignites among both teams and fans.

With both Army and Navy known for their disciplined and physical style of play, Van Pelt expects a hard-fought battle on the gridiron. He underlines the importance of turnovers and field position in a game where scoring opportunities may be limited. Ultimately, Van Pelt’s pick goes to Army, banking on their strong rushing attack and disciplined defense to secure the victory.

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In conclusion, Scott Van Pelt provides his insights and predictions for NFL Week 14 games and the Army-Navy game in 2023. His analysis revolves around key elements such as defense, rushing attacks, passing offenses, and the significance of the Army-Navy rivalry. While these picks are subjective, they reflect Van Pelt’s expertise and knowledge of the game. Fans will surely be eagerly watching to see how these matchups unfold.

Note: The original article can be found on the ESPN website.