Home News New Orleans Saints Hire Klint Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator

New Orleans Saints Hire Klint Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator

New Orleans Saints Hire Klint Kubiak as Offensive Coordinator

New Orleans Saints Hire Klint Kubiak as Offensive CoordinatorAccording to sources, the New Orleans Saints are planning to hire Klint Kubiak from the San Francisco 49ers as their offensive coordinator. Kubiak, who currently serves as the 49ers’ quarterbacks coach, will be joining the Saints’ coaching staff in a key role.

The move comes after former Saints offensive coordinator, Pete Carmichael Jr., left the team to become the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions. With Carmichael’s departure, the Saints were in search of a new offensive coordinator, and it seems that Kubiak was their top choice.

Klint Kubiak is the son of former NFL quarterback and head coach, Gary Kubiak. He has been with the 49ers for the past three seasons and has gained recognition for his work with quarterbacks, particularly in developing their skills and improving their performance on the field.

The Saints’ decision to hire Kubiak as their offensive coordinator is seen as a strategic move to enhance their offensive game plan. Kubiak’s expertise in working with quarterbacks will be valuable in maximizing the potential of Saints’ starting quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Winston, who was signed by the Saints in the offseason, is known for his strong arm and ability to make deep throws. With Kubiak’s guidance, the Saints hope to further refine Winston’s skills and capitalize on his strengths in their offensive schemes.

Additionally, Kubiak’s experience in the NFL, combined with his knowledge of different offensive systems, will be beneficial in diversifying and expanding the Saints’ playbook. This will allow the team to keep opposing defenses off-balance and create mismatches on the field.

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The hiring of Kubiak highlights the Saints’ commitment to maintaining a strong offensive unit despite the departure of key personnel. It showcases the team’s determination to field a competitive roster and continue their success in the upcoming NFL season.

In conclusion, the Saints’ decision to hire Klint Kubiak as their offensive coordinator demonstrates their confidence in his abilities to elevate their offensive game plan. With his expertise in working with quarterbacks and his knowledge of diverse offensive systems, Kubiak is expected to be a valuable asset to the team. The Saints are eager to see how Kubiak’s arrival will impact the performance of their offense and help them achieve their goals in the upcoming season.