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Los Angeles Rams Rookies Making Waves on Defense

Los Angeles Rams Rookies Making Waves on Defense

Los Angeles Rams rookies Byron Young and Kobe Turner making waves on defense


The Los Angeles Rams are looking to their rookie defensive players, Byron Young and Kobe Turner, to make an impact this season. These young players have already been turning heads in training camp and are poised to contribute to the team’s success.

Byron Young’s impressive skills

One of the standout rookies on the Rams’ defense is Byron Young. Young, who was drafted in the seventh round, has quickly impressed coaches and teammates with his athleticism and pass-rushing abilities. Standing at 6-foot-3 and weighing 255 pounds, Young possesses the size and strength to compete at the NFL level. His explosiveness off the line of scrimmage and relentless pursuit of the quarterback make him a force to be reckoned with.

Young’s skills were on full display during training camp, where he consistently disrupted plays and showcased his versatility. Whether it’s collapsing the pocket or chasing down ball carriers, Young has demonstrated an ability to make plays all over the field. With his power and agility, he has the potential to be a disruptive force in the Rams’ defense.

Kobe Turner’s rise to prominence

Another rookie making an impact on the Rams’ defense is Kobe Turner. As an undrafted free agent, Turner came into camp with something to prove, and he has not disappointed. The young cornerback has shown great instincts and ball skills, impressing coaches with his ability to read quarterbacks and make plays on the ball.

Turner’s athleticism and ball-hawking mentality have caught the attention of his teammates as well. His ability to break on the ball and make timely interceptions has been a welcome sight for the Rams’ defense. Despite facing tougher competition as an undrafted player, Turner has shown tremendous potential and could carve out a role as a playmaker in the secondary.

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The impact on the Rams’ defense

With Young and Turner showcasing their skills in training camp, the Rams’ defense has added depth and playmaking ability to its roster. The duo’s tenacity and determination have made an immediate impression, earning them the respect of their teammates and coaches.

The presence of Young and Turner will provide valuable competition and push the veteran players on the Rams’ defense to elevate their game. Their energy and enthusiasm for the game are contagious, injecting a new sense of excitement into the team.


Byron Young and Kobe Turner may be rookies, but they are already proving to be valuable assets to the Los Angeles Rams’ defense. With their impressive skills and determination, they have the potential to make an impact in their debut NFL season. The Rams’ coaching staff and fans are excited to see what these young players will bring to the team and how they will contribute to the defense’s success.