Home MLB How Ronald Acuna Jr. Can Elevate His Game in 2024

How Ronald Acuna Jr. Can Elevate His Game in 2024

How Ronald Acuna Jr. Can Elevate His Game in 2024

How Ronald Acuna Jr. Can Elevate His Game in 2024

How Ronald Acuna Jr. Can Take His Game to the Next Level in 2024


Ronald Acuna Jr. is considered one of the most promising young talents in Major League Baseball. The Atlanta Braves outfielder has already achieved significant success in his career, but there are areas he can focus on to elevate his game even further in 2024. Let’s explore some ways Acuna can improve and make an even greater impact on the field.

1. Increased Plate Discipline

Acuna possesses incredible power and speed, but improving his plate discipline can enhance his overall offensive game. By being more selective with pitches, Acuna can reduce his strikeouts and draw more walks. This would allow him to get on base more frequently, create scoring opportunities, and become an even more dangerous threat on the basepaths.

2. Refining His Defensive Skills

While Acuna’s athleticism provides him with excellent range and speed in the outfield, he can further enhance his defensive abilities by focusing on his footwork and positioning. By mastering these aspects, Acuna can make more difficult plays and potentially save runs for his team. Improved defensive skills will only elevate his value as a reliable all-around player.

3. Consistency in Performance

Acuna has already shown flashes of brilliance, but maintaining a high level of performance throughout the entire season is crucial. By avoiding prolonged slumps and staying mentally focused, Acuna can maximize his productivity for the Braves. Consistency will not only benefit the team but also solidify Acuna’s reputation as a top-tier player in the league.

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4. Reinforcing Team Leadership

As Acuna continues to mature as a player, he can also grow into a stronger leader within the Braves’ clubhouse. By setting a positive example, providing guidance to younger players, and fostering team chemistry, Acuna can contribute to a more unified and motivated team. Leadership qualities will further elevate his impact both on and off the field.

5. Balancing Aggressiveness and Patience

Acuna’s aggressive approach at the plate has yielded great results, but finding a balance between aggression and patience is essential. By being patient in certain situations, Acuna can wait for pitches he can drive with power, ultimately increasing his home run and extra-base hit totals. Fine-tuning this aspect of his game will make him an even more formidable offensive threat.


Ronald Acuna Jr. has already established himself as a remarkable player in Major League Baseball, but there is still room for improvement. By focusing on plate discipline, refining his defensive skills, maintaining consistency, reinforcing team leadership, and balancing aggression with patience, Acuna can take his game to new heights in 2024. The baseball world eagerly awaits the continued development of this exceptional young talent. ⚾️🌟