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Former Milwaukee Bucks Owner Herb Kohl Passes Away at Age 88

Former Milwaukee Bucks owner Herb Kohl passed away at the age of 88, according to the recent article. Kohl, who had a significant impact on the team and the community, will be remembered for his dedication and contributions to the sport of basketball.

Kohl, a businessman and philanthropist, purchased the Bucks in 1985 when the team was facing relocation. He prevented the move and made it his mission to keep the franchise in Milwaukee. Under his ownership, the team experienced both highs and lows but remained a vital part of the city.

His passion for basketball and commitment to the community were evident through various initiatives. Kohl played a key role in getting a new arena built for the Bucks, which ultimately helped revitalize the downtown area. The Fiserv Forum, the team’s new home, became a symbol of his vision and determination.

Not only did Kohl focus on the team’s success on the court, but he also prioritized the well-being of the players. He established the “We Care” program, which aimed to support the personal development of Bucks players and ensure their long-term success both as athletes and individuals.

Kohl’s dedication extended beyond basketball. As a Senator for the state of Wisconsin, he worked diligently to improve education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for the people. His service in the Senate spanned four terms, indicating his unwavering commitment to public service.

Throughout his life, Herb Kohl exemplified the values of leadership, compassion, and perseverance. His legacy will continue to inspire generations to come, not only in the basketball world but also in the broader community.

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As we bid farewell to a remarkable individual, let us remember Herb Kohl’s immense contributions to the Milwaukee Bucks and the city of Milwaukee. His vision and unwavering support have undoubtedly shaped the franchise’s identity and left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans. Kohl’s legacy will live on, reminding us of the incredible impact one person can make. May he rest in peace. 🙏