Home NFL Eagles and Jordan Mailata Agree to 3-Year, $66M Extension

Eagles and Jordan Mailata Agree to 3-Year, $66M Extension

Eagles and Jordan Mailata Agree to 3-Year, M Extension

Eagles and Jordan Mailata Agree to 3-Year, M Extension

Eagles and Jordan Mailata Agree to 3-Year, $66M Extension

The Philadelphia Eagles have secured offensive tackle Jordan Mailata for the long term, as they recently reached a three-year contract extension worth $66 million with the talented player.

Sources have confirmed that Mailata’s extension with the Eagles includes a significant amount of guaranteed money, further solidifying his place as a key component of the team’s offensive line.

Jordan Mailata, a former rugby standout from Australia, initially joined the Eagles as a seventh-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, despite having no prior experience in American football. His incredible athleticism and potential caught the attention of the Eagles’ coaching staff, who believed he had the skills to excel as an offensive tackle.

Since then, Mailata has made remarkable progress and has proven his worth on the field. His natural strength, agility, and quickness, combined with his work ethic and determination, have helped him develop into a formidable offensive lineman in just a few short years.

This contract extension comes as no surprise, considering the impact Mailata has made on the team. His ability to protect the quarterback and create running lanes for the Eagles’ rushing attack has been pivotal to their success. Additionally, his versatility as a lineman has allowed the team to experiment with different formations and strategies.

The Eagles’ organization recognizes Mailata’s potential and commitment to improving his skills. The lucrative extension solidifies his position as one of the key pillars of their offensive line for the foreseeable future.

With this contract extension, Mailata joins the ranks of the highest-paid offensive tackles in the league. His remarkable journey from rugby player to NFL star serves as a testament to his dedication and the Eagles’ belief in his abilities.

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As fans and supporters, we can expect to see Jordan Mailata continue to dominate on the field, protecting the quarterback and paving the way for the team’s rushing attack. His passion for the game and his pursuit of excellence are sure to inspire teammates and fans alike.

In conclusion, the Eagles’ decision to secure Jordan Mailata’s services for the long term through a substantial contract extension demonstrates their confidence in his abilities and the impact he has on the team’s success. We look forward to witnessing his continued growth as a player and his contributions to the Eagles’ offensive line. 🏈