Home News Disappointment with Coward Colby Covington’s Lackluster Performance at UFC 296

Disappointment with Coward Colby Covington’s Lackluster Performance at UFC 296

Disappointment with Coward Colby Covington’s Lackluster Performance at UFC 296

Leon Edwards: “I Expected More from Coward Colby Covington at UFC 296”

In a recent interview, Leon Edwards expressed his disappointment in his opponent, Colby Covington, following their fight at UFC 296. Edwards had high expectations for the matchup, but feels that Covington failed to deliver.

Edwards admitted that he anticipated a tough and intense battle with Covington, known for his brash personality and aggressive fighting style. However, Edwards believes that Covington fell short of his own hype.

“I expected more from Colby Covington,” Edwards stated. “He talks a big game, but when it came to stepping into the octagon, he didn’t show up.”

The fight between Edwards and Covington was highly anticipated, with both fighters having a heated rivalry leading up to the event. However, Edwards feels that Covington did not bring the same level of intensity and aggression that was promised.

“I trained hard for this fight, and I was prepared for a war,” Edwards emphasized. “But instead, I faced a hesitant and cautious opponent. It was disappointing.”

Despite Covington being known for his wrestling skills and pressure-based fighting style, Edwards believed that he would be able to handle his opponent’s attacks and showcase his own skills. However, he feels that Covington played it safe throughout the fight.

“It seemed like Colby was more concerned with avoiding risks rather than engaging in a true battle,” Edwards claimed. “I expected him to come forward and bring the fireworks, but it just didn’t happen.”

As a result of Covington’s cautious approach, Edwards was able to secure a unanimous decision victory. While he was pleased with the win, he couldn’t help but express his disappointment in the lackluster performance from his opponent.

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Looking ahead, Edwards is determined to continue climbing the welterweight rankings and pursue a shot at the title. He hopes for more challenging opponents who are willing to truly test his skills inside the octagon.

“I want to face fighters who are willing to go all out,” Edwards stated. “No more disappointments like Colby Covington. I expect my future opponents to bring their A-game and give the fans the exciting fights they deserve.”

In conclusion, Leon Edwards expected a fierce battle against Colby Covington at UFC 296 but was left disappointed with his opponent’s cautious and hesitant approach. Despite securing the victory, Edwards hopes to face more formidable opponents who will push him to his limits in the future.