Home News Demetrious Johnson Denies Joe Rogan’s Role in ONE Championship Move

Demetrious Johnson Denies Joe Rogan’s Role in ONE Championship Move

Demetrious Johnson Responds to Rumors: Joe Rogan Helped Facilitate Trade from UFC to ONE Championship

In a recent interview, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson addressed the rumors surrounding his move from the UFC to ONE Championship. One particular rumor claimed that Joe Rogan, the famous UFC commentator, played a role in facilitating the trade. However, Johnson swiftly shut down these speculations.

Johnson, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts, made it clear that Rogan had no influence on his decision to join ONE Championship. He emphasized that the move was solely motivated by his desire for a change and new challenges in his career.

During the interview, Johnson explained that he had a good working relationship with Rogan during his time in the UFC, but the idea of Rogan having a hand in the trade was completely unfounded. He reiterated that the decision to transition to ONE Championship was a personal one, made in consultation with his team and for his own aspirations as an athlete.

The trade itself, which took place in 2018, involved Johnson moving from the UFC to ONE Championship, while Ben Askren, an undefeated welterweight, went in the opposite direction. The exchange of these two fighters created significant buzz within the MMA community.

Johnson also took the opportunity to express his excitement about competing in ONE Championship. He emphasized the high level of talent within the organization and expressed his eagerness to face new opponents and showcase his skills on a global stage.

In conclusion, Demetrious Johnson made it clear that the rumor suggesting Joe Rogan played a role in his move to ONE Championship was false. Johnson’s decision to join the organization was driven solely by his personal goals and desire for new challenges in his career. With his move to ONE Championship, fans can anticipate exciting matchups and impressive performances from this legendary fighter.