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Best Remaining Free Agents at Each Position in 2024 Major League Baseball

Best Remaining Free Agents at Each Position in 2024 Major League Baseball

Best Remaining Free Agents at Each Position in 2024 Major League BaseballAccording to a recent article, we can identify the best remaining free agent at each position in 2024 in Major League Baseball. Let’s take a closer look at some of these highly sought-after players:


The top free agent pitcher still available is Alex Wood. With his impressive track record and consistency on the mound, Wood has become a valuable asset for any team in need of a quality starter. His ability to generate ground balls and strikeout batters makes him a reliable option for teams looking to strengthen their pitching rotation.


When it comes to catchers, the standout free agent is Salvador Perez. Known for his exceptional defensive skills and leadership abilities, Perez is a game-changer behind the plate. Additionally, his offensive capabilities, including power hitting and consistent batting average, make him a valuable asset for any team.


At the first base position, Anthony Rizzo remains the most enticing option for free agent seekers. Rizzo brings a combination of power, consistency, and strong defensive skills to the table. His leadership qualities and experience in high-pressure situations make him a desirable addition to any team in need of a reliable first baseman.

Moving to second base, Trevor Story stands out among the remaining free agents. Known for his exceptional range and defensive abilities, Story is also a force to be reckoned with on offense. With his power hitting and base-stealing capabilities, he can provide a much-needed spark to any team’s lineup.

At shortstop, Carlos Correa remains the top free agent available. Correa is not only a defensive maestro but also wields a potent bat. His ability to hit for power and his clutch performances in crucial moments make him a valuable asset for teams looking to strengthen their infield.

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At third base, Kris Bryant is the standout free agent. With his versatility to play multiple positions, Bryant brings a valuable asset to any team. Known for his power hitting and solid defense, he can make a significant impact on both sides of the ball.


The remaining free agent outfielder generating the most interest is Starling Marte. Marte’s speed, exceptional defensive skills, and ability to get on base consistently make him an appealing target for teams in need of outfield depth. His veteran presence and experience in big moments also make him a valuable asset.

Finally, in the bullpen, Kenley Jansen is the top free agent reliever. With his commanding presence on the mound and a diverse repertoire of pitches, Jansen has been a reliable closer throughout his career. His ability to strike out batters and shut down opposing teams in high-pressure situations makes him a sought-after asset.

In conclusion, these players represent the best remaining free agents at each position in 2024. Teams looking to bolster their rosters will undoubtedly compete for their services, knowing the significant impact they can make on both ends of the field.