Home News “Askarov vs Saros: The Predators’ Future Starting Goaltender”

“Askarov vs Saros: The Predators’ Future Starting Goaltender”

“Askarov vs Saros: The Predators’ Future Starting Goaltender”

“Askarov vs Saros: The Predators’ Future Starting Goaltender”

Askarov or Saros: Who’s the Predators’ Long-Term Starter?


The Nashville Predators have been fortunate to have two talented goaltenders in their organization: Yaroslav Askarov and Juuse Saros. Both goalies have shown great potential and have been touted as the future of the team. However, the question remains: who will be the Predators’ long-term starter? Let’s take a closer look at both players and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Yaroslav Askarov

Yaroslav Askarov, a highly touted prospect, was selected 11th overall by the Predators in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. At just 19 years old, Askarov has already shown immense skill and maturity in his game. Standing at 6’3″ with excellent athleticism, he possesses all the physical attributes of a top-level goaltender.

One of Askarov’s greatest strengths is his ability to track the puck and anticipate plays. He reads the game exceptionally well and can make acrobatic saves with ease. His reflexes and quickness allow him to shut down scoring chances, making him a formidable presence between the pipes.

However, Askarov is still relatively young, and experience at the professional level is limited. It may take some time for him to adjust to the speed and intensity of the NHL. Additionally, his positioning and rebound control could benefit from further development. Overall, Askarov has the potential to become an elite goaltender, but he may require more time to reach his full potential.

Juuse Saros

Juuse Saros joined the Predators organization in 2013 and has since established himself as a reliable goaltender. Standing at 5’11” but possessing lightning-fast reflexes, Saros compensates for his smaller stature with exceptional agility and quickness.

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Saros has proven himself as a consistent performer in the NHL. He has showcased his ability to make crucial saves, keeping his team in games even when the defense falters. His positioning is excellent, often relying on his intelligence and anticipation to make up for his size disadvantage.

However, Saros has struggled at times with consistency, showcasing occasional bouts of inconsistency in his performances. While he has shown improvements over the years, there are still moments where he lets in soft goals that could have been prevented. With further development, Saros could solidify his position as a long-term starter for the Predators.

The Decision

Choosing between Askarov and Saros is a difficult task for the Predators’ management. They both possess unique skill sets and have the potential to excel at the NHL level.

In the short term, Saros may have the edge due to his experience and consistency. He has proven himself as a reliable starter and has shown the ability to steal games for the Predators. However, as Askarov continues to develop and gain more experience, his potential to become an elite goaltender cannot be overlooked.

Ultimately, the decision will come down to the patience of the organization and their willingness to let Askarov develop at his own pace. If the Predators prioritize long-term success, Askarov may be the answer. However, if immediate results are the priority, Saros could be the safer choice.


The Predators are fortunate to have two highly talented goaltenders in Askarov and Saros. Both players bring unique strengths to the table and have the potential to become top-level starters in the NHL. With careful management and development, the Predators will have a formidable presence in the crease for years to come. Only time will tell who will emerge as the long-term starter, but either way, the Predators are in good hands. 🏒