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2023-24 Free Agents: Underrated Gems with Big Potential

2023-24 Free Agents Who Are Better Than You Think


The upcoming 2023-24 MLB free agent class is filled with hidden gems that could make a significant impact for teams willing to take a chance on them. While some may not have garnered much attention or recognition, these players possess remarkable skills and potential. Let’s take a closer look at five free agents who are better than you think.

1. Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez, an outfielder known for his exceptional defense and speed, quietly had a strong season in 2023. Despite missing some games due to injuries, Gomez showcased his versatility and leadership skills on and off the field. His ability to cover ground in the outfield and provide a spark at the top of the lineup makes him an enticing option for teams in need of outfield depth.

2. Mark Reynolds
Although not a household name, Mark Reynolds has consistently displayed power throughout his career. In 2023, Reynolds proved that he still possesses the ability to crush the ball, hitting several clutch home runs while maintaining a solid batting average. With his veteran presence and impressive power stroke, Reynolds could be an asset to any team looking to bolster their lineup.

3. Julio Teheran
Julio Teheran, a seasoned pitcher with a wealth of experience, went under the radar in the 2023 season. Despite some struggles, Teheran showed glimpses of his former dominance by delivering strong performances on several occasions. His experience and ability to eat innings make him an intriguing option for teams in need of rotation depth.

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4. Tyler Flowers
Tyler Flowers, a dependable catcher, quietly put together a solid season both offensively and defensively in 2023. While his offensive numbers may not jump off the stat sheet, Flowers’ pitch framing skills and game-calling abilities are highly regarded among his peers. He could provide stability behind the plate for teams searching for a reliable backstop.

5. Yasmani Grandal
Yasmani Grandal, a switch-hitting catcher known for his patience at the plate, had a somewhat overshadowed season in 2023. Despite his lower batting average, Grandal showcased his power and ability to draw walks consistently. With his excellent framing skills and power potential, Grandal could be a valuable addition to any team looking to upgrade their catching situation.


While these free agents may not be receiving as much attention as some of the bigger names in the upcoming class, they possess valuable skills and capabilities that could greatly benefit teams in need. Whether it’s Carlos Gomez’s dynamic defense and speed, Mark Reynolds’ power hitting, Julio Teheran’s experience, Tyler Flowers’ reliability behind the plate, or Yasmani Grandal’s switch-hitting prowess, these players offer untapped potential that could make a difference on the field. It will be exciting to see where they land and how they contribute in the 2023-24 MLB season.