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The following day saw attendees assemble for the September General Meeting. Again, members
heard from a number of fellow trusts around the theme of managing challenging issues and
situations. Kirklees Active, Magna Vitae and Northampton Leisure Trust all shared their lessons and
insight from dealing with difficult circumstances in their centres, and how they have made suitable
adaptations to overcome these. The meeting also featured feedback and reflections from three
members of trust staff (Live Borders, Falkirk Community Trust, and Your Leisure) who were
supported by the association to attend the ukactive Future Leaders Programme in Barcelona. In the
closed session, members had the chance to discuss priorities, challenges and priorities for the
Sporta would like to thank all trusts, sponsors and speakers who attended and contributed to the
conference and General Meeting. The next General Meeting is planned to take place in February in
Minutes and slides from all presentations are available in the members area of the website.

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